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"Your Partner in Horse Health and Performance"

At VitaMinalia, everything revolves around providing practical, affordable, and powerful solutions to enhance the health, performance, and well-being of horses. As a reliable partner, we strive to support not only your horse but consequently you as a rider and owner. Since our inception, we have been dedicated to developing supplements that are not only scientifically supported but have also proven their effectiveness in practice.

Product Innovation at VitaMinalia

At VitaMinalia, we strive for constant product innovation for the optimal health of your horse. Our unique approach involves comprehensive support aimed at effectively addressing various issues, resulting in an overall improvement in health, well-being, and performance.

What makes our products different?

  • Natural, easily absorbable ingredients: We only use the finest natural ingredients that are easily absorbed by the horse’s body.
  • Grain and molasses-free, without added sugars or flavorings: Our products are pure and free from unnecessary additives that could harm your horse’s health. No unnecessary fillers: We aim for long-term health and therefore avoid the use of unnecessary fillers.
  • Practical to use: Our tasty pellets are easy to feed and are produced using cold pressing techniques for maximum stability and effectiveness.
  • Premium quality at fair prices: We offer high-quality products that are affordable for every horse enthusiast.

Developed by horse enthusiasts for horse enthusiasts

The story began with a vision from Belgium’s renowned show jumper, Koen Vereecke, and breeder Matthias Claeys. Together with nutritionist Jonas Smekens, they laid the foundation for highly effective horse supplements and balancers.

In our quest to improve the health and performance of (sport) horses, we examined the primary challenges these horses face. For each of these challenges, we sought solutions in science, making maximum use of natural remedies. After two years of extensive practical testing, we achieved the result: VitaMinalia EQUINE SPORT, a complete supplementary supplement providing sport horses with essential nutrients to achieve and maintain their optimal condition and health.

With the success of VitaMinalia EQUINE SPORT, we continued to innovate, expanding our product line with VitaMinalia EQUINE BALANCER, VitaMinalia EQUINE OPTIGROW, and VitaMinalia EQUINE DIGEST Aid, allowing us to work even more targetedly on the needs of each horse. VitaMinalia stands for simplicity and efficiency, and based on this principle, we will continue to further optimize our products in the future.

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