Equine Digest Aid

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VitaMinalia EQUINE DIGEST Aid is a complementary horse feed to support digestion. This product stimulates both stomach and intestinal health.


  • Various buffers neutralize excess stomach acid, important for the prevention of stomach ulcers
  • Polyphenols (from berries) with a protective effect on the stomach wall
  • Contains various building materials (amino acids, nucleotides) for building a healthy stomach and intestinal wall Pre- and probiotics (MOS, FOS, living yeast cells) stimulate healthy intestinal flora
  • Various ingredients (milk thistle seed, betaine, chicory) support healthy liver function
  • Various magnesium sources and herbs to reduce stress
  • Antioxidants (vitamins E and C, selenium, polyphenols) and beta-glucans from brewer’s yeast support resistance


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    • For horses that are prone to stomach ulcers, preventively during periods of increased stress or to support during and after recovery from stomach ulcers
    • For horses with disturbed intestinal flora and to achieve normal stools
    • In periods of reduced resistance or during recovery after illness, this product supports overall immunity and health
    Recommended dosage
    Horse Pony
    In periods of acute stress or digestive problems: administer throughout the day for 2 to 3 weeks
    150 g/ horse/day 75 - 100 g/ horse/day
    Maintenance dosage
    50 - 75 g/ horse /day 50 g/ horse/day

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